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The best way to get to Kitakyushu is not through Kitakyushu Airport (KKJ), as the area is often fogged in and the international same-day connections are inconvenient. Fly into Fukuoka International Airport (FUK) and then use surface transportation on to Kokura, the downtown area. You will find yourself in Kitakyushu in a little over an hour.

A. Europe/Americas to Japan

Choose a flight arriving in either Tokyo (TYO-NRT: New Tokyo International Airport at Narita) or Osaka (OSA-KIX: newly opened Kansai International Airport) at around noon in order to be in time for late afternoon domestic connection flights for Fukuoka International Airport. Or fly into Fukuoka International Airport on an Asian carrier via its hub. This routing via Asian hub is also well known for its competitive air fares.

B. Asia-Pacific to Japan

Your gateway to Kitakyushu is Fukuoka International Airport. It is an expanding airport linking more than 20 Asia-Pacific cities and resorts. Even if your city does not have a Fukuoka-bound flight, you may find a wide variety of routing options since most hub airports in the region have connecting flights for Fukuoka.

C. Fukuoka Airport to ``Kokura,'' downtown Kitakyushu

There are mainly two ways to get to Kokura. However, highway bus would be a better option if you are with heavy baggage. For further information, please refer to the attached paper.

a. Highway Bus

There is a luxurious highway bus service available at a fare equivalent to US$15 with a travel time of 90 minutes. Be sure to take the bus for ``Kokura.''

b. Trains

If you are short of time, you may take a combination of subway (underground train) plus Japan Railway's (JR) Shinkansen bullet train. This will bring you to Kokura in 40 minutes at around US$22.

D. The Convention Zone at Kokura, Kitakyushu

The conference center and your hotels are conveniently located within a short walking distance from the Kokura highway bus stop and the train station. Since no porter service is available outside the hotels, it would be a good idea to travel light.

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