Third Harmonic AC Susceptibility in Multifilamentary Wires

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Third Harmonic AC Susceptibility in Multifilamentary Wires
Edmund Soji Otabe, Ryouhei Kitamura and Teruo Matsushita
Department of Computer Science and Electronics,
Kyushu Institute of Technology,
680--4 Kawazu, Iizuka 820, JAPAN
AC magnetic field dependence of fundamental and third harmonic AC susceptibilities ($\chi_1''$, $\chi_3'$ and $\chi_3''$) were measured for two Nb-Ti multifilamentary wires with different filament diameters to investigate the effect of the reversible motion of fluxoids. The results agree approximately with the prediction of the Campbell model in which the reversible motion of fluxoids is treated. The critical current densities estimated from AC susceptibilities and that from the hysteresis of DC magnetization are compared. The large difference of the critical current density at high magnetic field from two methods seems to be explained by the distribution of the filament size.
Original paper appears in
May 20-24, 1996
Kitakyushu, Japan