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MONDAY,  May 27

           9:10-  9:20           Opening  Remarks

       Session  1
           9:20-10:00            Studies  of  Vortices  and  Columnar
                                 Defects  by  Decoration  Techniques
                                 C.  M.  Lieber  (Harvard  Univ.)

         10:00-10:25             Observation  of  Flux  Lines  Using
                                 Small  Angle  Neutron  Scattering
                                 U.  Yaron  (AT&T  Bell  Laboratories)

                  (coffee  break)

       Session  2
         10:45-11:10             Flux  Pinning  in  Weakly  Coupled  
                                 Multilayers,  the  Second  Peak  in  BSCCO
                                 P.  H.  Kes  (Leiden  Univ.)

         11:10-11:35             Transport  Characteristics  in  High  Tc
                                 Superconductors  with  Pin  Fluctuation  
                                 under  the  Influence  of  Thermal  
                                 T. Kiss,  T.  Nakamura,  M.  Takeo 
                                 (Kyushu  Univ.),  F.  Irie  (Kyushu  
                                 Electric  Power),  K.  Yamafuji  (Kyushu 

         11:35-12:15             Observation of Vortices in Superconductors
                                 A.  Tonomura  (Hitachi,  Ltd.)


       Poster  Session  1

         13:30-16:00             Direct  Observation  /  Phase  Diagrams  /
                                 Irreversibility  Line  /  Bulk  and  Tape

       Poster  Discussion  Session  1


       Rump  Session

         19:00-21:00             Behavior  of  Vortices

TUESDAY,  May 28

       Session  3
           9:00-  9:25           Phase  Transitions  in  Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 :
                                 Anisotropy  Dependence  and  Resistivity  
                                 D. Majer,  B.  Khaykovich,  
                                 D.  T.  Fuchs,  R.  A.  Doyle  
                                 (Weizmann  Inst.),  T.  W.  Li,
                                 P.  H.  Kes  (Leiden  U.),  M.  Konczykowskii
                                 (Ecole  Polytech.),  E.  Zeldov  
                                 (Weizmann  Inst.)

           9:25-  9:50           The  Dimensionality  and  the  Pinning  
                                 of  Magnetic  Vortices  in  the  c-axis  
                                 Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8  and  (Bi,Pb)2Sr2Ca2Cu3O10  
                                 /Ag  Tapes  Irradiated  by  5.8  GeV  Ions
                                 M.  Suenaga  (Brookhaven  National  Lab.)

           9:50-10.15            Vortex  Charge  and  Hall  Effect  in  
                                 Type  II  Superconductors
                                 G.  Blatter  (ETH-H"onggerberg)

                  (Coffee  Break)

       Session  4
         10:35-11:00             Effect  of  Carrier  Doping  on  
                                 Irreversibility  Field  and  Melting  
                                 Field  in  Bi2212  Single  Crystals
                                 K. Kishio,  S.  Watauchi,  H.  Ikuta,  
                                 J.  Shimoyama  (Univ.  Tokyo)

         11:00-11:25             Local  Anisotropic  Resistivity  in  
                                 Heavy  Ion  Irradiated  Bi-2212  Crystals
                                 R. A. Doyle,  W.  S.  Seow,  Y.  Yang,  
                                 A.  M.  Campbell  (Univ.  Cambridge),
                                 G.  Wirth  (G.  Schwerionenf.)

         11:25-11:50             Neutron  Irradiation  Effects  in  Tl-Based  
                                 High-Tc  Superconductors

                                 G. Brandst"atter,  F.  M.  Sauerzopf,  
                                 H.  W.  Weber  (O"sterreichischen  Univ.)

         11:50-12:15             Flux  Pinning  in  the  OCMG-Processed  RE-123
                                 M. Murakami,  S.  I.  Yoo,  N.  Sakai,  
                                 K.  Sawada,  T.  Higuchi,  
                                 N.  Chikumoto  (ISTEC-SRL)

         12:15-12:40             Flux  Pinning  Mechanism  of  Artificially  
                                 Introduced  Nb  into  Superconducting  Nb-Ti
                                 T.  Matsushita  (Kyushu  Inst.  Tech.)


       Poster  Session  2

         13:30-16:00             Flux  Pinning  Mechanism  /  Artificial  Pin

       Poster  Discussion  Session  2





       Session  5
           9:00-  9:40           Current  Limiting  Mechanisms  and  
                                 Phase  Formation  in  Bi(2223)  Tapes
                                 R. Fl"ukiger,  G.  Grasso,  J.  C.  Grivel,
                                 B.  Hensel,  A.  Perin  (Univ.  Gen`eve)

           9:40-10:05            Fabrication  of  Ag-Clad  Bi-Based  
                                 Superconducting  Tapes  with  High  
                                 Critical  Current  Density
                                 S. X. Dou,  M.  Ionescu,  Y.  C.  Guo,
                                 H.  K.  Liu  (Univ.  Wollongong),
                                 I.  Kusevic,  E.  Babic  (Univ.  Zagreb)

         10:05-10:30             Critical  Current  Densities  of  
                                 High  Performance  Bi-Based  
                                 Superconducting  Composite  Wires
                                 S. Fleshler,  Q.  Li,  G.  N.  Riley,
                                 W.  L.  Carter,  R.  D.  Parella,
                                 W.  J.  Michels,  P.  J.  Walsh,
                                 B.  Kunz,  A.  P.  Malozemoff  
                                 (American  Supercond.  Corp.)

                  (Coffee  Break)

       Session  6
         10:50-11:15             Characteristics  of  Grain  Boundaries  
                                 in  YBCO  and  BSCCO-2212  Bicrystals  
                                 Lying  in  the  Low  Angle  to  High  
                                 Angle  Crossover  Regime
                                 D.  C.  Larbalestier  (Univ.  Wisconsin)

         11:15-11:40             Preparation  and  Properties  of  
                                 Tl-Based  Superconducting  Thin  Films
                                 S. L. Yan,  L.  Fang,  M.  S.  Si,
                                 J.  Wang,  H.  L.  Cao  (Nankai  Univ.),
                                 H.  W.  Weber  (O"sterreichischen  Univ.)

         11:40-12:05             Fabrication  of  Y-123  Tapes  with  
                                 High  Critical  Current  Densities
                                 Y. Iijima ,M.  Hosaka,  N.  Tanabe,
                                 N.  Sadakata,  T.  Saitoh,
                                 O.  Kohno  (Fujikura  Ltd.),
                                 J.  Yoshitomi  (Super-GM)

         12:05-12:30             YBaCuO  Thick  Films  on  Planar  and  
                                 Curved  Technical  Substrates
                                 H. C. Freyhardt,  J.  Wiesmann,
                                 K.  Heinemann,  J.  Hoffmann,
                                 J.  Dzick  (Univ.  G" ottingen),
                                 F.  Garcia-Moreno,  S.  Sievers  
                                 (ZFW  G"ottingen  gmbH)

       Poster  Session  3

         13:30-16:00             Flux  Dynamics  /  Electromagnetic  Phenomena

       Poster  Discussion  Session  3