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P3-1: Flux Dynamics at the Development of Instabilities in Textured YBaCuO and Role of the Twin Boundaries Mobility: V. V. Chabanenko, A. I. D'yachenko (Donetsk Phys. & Tech. Inst.), H. Szymczak, S. Piechota (Polish Acad. Sci.)

P3-2: Phase Diagram and ``Abnormal'' Irreversible Phenomena in Rf-Absorption of Weakly Linked Medium of HgPbBaCaCuO: V. V. Chabanenko, M. V. Zalutskii (Donetsk Phys. & Tech. Inst.), A. Nabialek, H. Szymczak, S. Piechota, N.D. Dung (Polish Acad. Sci.), R. V. Lutciv, M. V. Matviiv, Ju. N. Mjasoedov (Lviv State Univ.)

P3-3: Role of Giant Flux Jumps in Destruction of Textured YBaCuO in Strong Magnetic Field : V. V. Chabanenko (Donetsk Phys. & Tech. Inst.), H. Szymczak, S. Piechota (Polish Acad. Sci.)

P3-4: Comparative Study of the Irreversible Magnetization in YbBa_2Cu_3O_7 Single Crystals: M. Werner, F. M. Sauerzopf, H. W. Weber (Österreichischen Univ.), A. Hoekstra, R. Surdeanu,
R. J. Wijingaarden, R. Griessen (Vrije Univ.), K. Winzer (Univ. Göttingen)

P3-5: Effects of Crossed Flux on Magnetization and Magnetic Relaxation of Melt-Textured Y_1Ba_2Cu_3O_7-x: S. Manzoor, S. K. Hasanain (Quaid-i-Azam Univ.)

P3-6: Electromagnetic Properties and Superconducting Characteristics of Single Crystals 1-2-3 Doped with Zr: N. V. Gritsenko, I. N. Nechiporenko, V. M. Shulga (Acad. Sci. Ukraine)

P3-7: Influence of Weak Visible Light on Flux Creep and Critical Currents in YBCO Film: I. L. Landau, L. Rinderer (Univ. Lausanne)

P3-8: A Model of Critical State for Ideal Type-II Superconductor: Application to HTSC: V. F. Khirnyi, V. P. Seminozhenko, A. A. Kozlovskii (Acad. Sci. Ukraine)

P3-9: Study of the Variation of the Paraconductivity Value as a Function of the Mobile Holes n Concentration in Treatment YBCO Ceramics by Temperature-Electric Domains: V. F. Khirnyi, V. P. Seminozhenko, A. A. Kozlovskii (Nat. Acad. Sci. Ukraine)

P3-10: Dynamics and Anisotropy of Magnetic Flux Penetration in Granular HTSC: V. V. Toryanik, V. A. Finkel' (Kharkov Inst. Phys. & Tech.)

P3-11: The Study of Voltage-Current Characteristics of Bi-2223 Ceramic and Bi-2223/Ag- Sheathed Tapes: N. I. Kozlenkova, P. A. Kuznetsov, E. V. Antipova, A. K. Shikov (Russia Inst. Inorganic Mater.)

P3-12: Anisotropic Field Percolation and High Current Density in 2212 Bi-Based Substituted with Dy Bulk Magnetically Textured Composite Ceramics.: Ph. Vanderbemden, H. W. Vanderschueren, S. Stassen, R. Cloots, M. Ausloos (Univ. Liege)

P3-13: Vortex Instability and Flux Flow in Wide Superconducting Films with Phase Slippage: Kh. Erganokov, A. Kulikovsky (Russian Acad. Sci.)

P3-14: Frequency and Amplitude Dependence of the Imaginary Part of AC Susceptibility Peak in High-T_ c Superconductors: S. Takács, F. Gömöry (Sovak Acad. Sci.)

P3-15: Critical Current and AC Response of High-T_ c Superconducting Films: A. A. Pukhov, A. L. Rakhmanov (Sci. C. Appl. Probl. Electrodynamics)

P3-16: Critical Current and Hysteresis Losses Distributions in Ag Sheathed Bi-2223 Tapes: A. Sinchenko, I. Rudnev, V. Elesin (Moscow State Eng. Phys. Inst.), A. Shikov, E. Antipova, I. Akimov (A. A. Bochvar's Inst. Inorganic Mater.)

P3-17: Scaling Law for Hysteresis Losses in Nb_3Sn Multifilamentary Composite: I. Rudnev, V. Elesin, L. Openov (Moscow State Eng. Phys. Inst.), A. Shikov, A. Vorobjova (A. A. Bochvar's Inst. Inorganic Mater.)

P3-18: Comparison of Substantial Equations for SC with High Current Carrying Capacity: E. Yu. Klimenko, S. V. Shavkin (Kurchatov Inst.)

P3-19: Heavy Ion Irradiation Effects on Magnetic Field Dependent Rf Losses in Bi2212 Single Crystals: Y. S. Sudershan, A. Rastogi, S. V. Bhat (Ind. Inst. Sci.), A. K. Grover (Tata Inst. Fund. Res.),
Y. Yamaguchi, K. Oka, Y. Nishihara (Electrotech. Lab.), L. Senapati (Nucl. Sci. C.)

P3-20: Simulation of the Vortex Lattice in Superconducting Thin Films: K. Mizuno, T. Miyazaki (Kagoshima Univ.)

P3-21: Relaxation of Trapped Magnetic Field for Bi-2212/Ag Solenoid with Persistent Current Switch: M. Okada, K. Fukushima, K. Tanaka (Hitachi Res. Lab.), H. Kumakura, K. Togano, T. Kiyoshi, K. Inoue (Nat. Res. Inst. Metals)

P3-22: DC Losses in YBCO Thin Films Induced by Applied AC Field: A. Ruban, A. Kasatkin (Inst. Metal Phys.)

P3-23: Flux Creep Measurements in Hg-1223 Ceramics: M. Reissner (T. U. Wien), I. Sargankova, W. König, M. Mair, G. Gritzner (Johannes Kepler Univ.), P. Diko (SAS), W. Steiner (T. U. Wien)

P3-24: Large-Scale Correlated Vortex Motion in an Untwinned YBa_2Cu_3O_x Single Crystal: S. N. Gordeev, A. V. Volkozub, M. Oussena, P. A. J. de Groot (Univ. Southampton), R. Gagnon, L. Taillefer(McGill Univ.),

P3-25: Microwave Excitation of Longitudinal Josephson Plasma in Bi_2Sr_2CaCu_2O_8+: K. Kadowaki (Univ. Tsukuba), M. Gaifullin, Y. Matsuda, K. Kumagai (Hokkaido Univ.), T. Mochiku (Nat. Res. Inst. Metals), S. Takahashi, M. Tachiki (Tohoku Univ.)

P3-26: Instability of Homogeneous Shielding Current Distribution in Anisotropic Superconductors: A. L. Kasatkin, C. G. Tretiatchenko, V. M. Pan (Nat. Acad. Sci. Ukraine)

P3-27: Flux Creep and Relaxation Phenomena in the Presence of Weak AC Magnetic Field: A. L. Kasatkin, V. M. Pan, V. V. Vysotskii (Nat. Acad. Sci. Ukraine), H. C. Freyhardt (Univ. Göttingen)

P3-28: Angular Dependence of Magnetoresistance in YBCO Thin Films and YBCO/PBCO Multilayers: F. Ichikawa, T. Fukami, T. Aomine (Kyushu Univ.), B. R. Zhao, J. J. Sun, B. Xu, L. Li (Chin. Acad. Sci.)

P3-29: AC-Sheet Conductance and DC-Resistivity of Ultrathin YBCO Films: Y. Eriksson, J. Magnusson, M. Björnander, P. Svedlindh, P. Nordblad (Uppsala Univ.), D. P. Norton (Oak Ridge Nat. Lab.)

P3-30: Study of Vortex Pinning by Generation of Ultrasonic Waves in YBCO: H. Haneda, T. Ishiguro (Kyoto Univ.), M. Murakami (ISTEC-SRL)

P3-31: Numerical Analysis of the Behaviors of Fluxoids in Type II Superconductor Based on the Molecular Dynamics Method Combined with the Ginzburg-Landau Theory: K. Demachi, K. Miya (Univ. Tokyo)

P3-32: Hysteresis of I-V Characteristics along the c-Axis in (110)-Oriented YBa_2Cu_3O_7-d Thin Films: T. Uchiyama, T. Fukami, Y. Goto, T. Takeshita, T. Arai, F. Ichikawa, T. Aomine (Kyushu Univ.)

P3-33: Excess Flux Flow Voltage by Ultrasound in Superconducting Thin Films: T. Oku, T. Nomiyama, Y. Horie, T. Miyazaki (Kagoshima Univ.), L. Rinderer (Univ. Lausanne)

P3-34: Current Distributions in Multilayered Bi-2223/Ag Conductors: L. Martini, L. Bigoni, F. Curcio, E. Marelli, V. Ottoboni, S. Zannella (CISE S.p.A.)

P3-35: Behaviour of a Thin Superconducting Ceramic Disk in Alternating Magnetic Field: Yu. Fedorov, Yu. Stepanov (Russian Acad. Sci.)

P3-36: Diffusion Velocity of Magnetic Fields of Intense Electron Beams through Bi-Based Sintered Superconducting Tubes: H. Matsuzawa, A. Matsushita, Y. Ueda, H. Matsubara, S. Suganomata (Yamanashi Univ.)

P3-37: Nernst Effect in YBa_2Cu_3O_7- and Bi_2.1Sr_1.8Ca_1Cu_2O_y: T. Sasaki, K. Yamada, K. Watanabe (Tohoku Univ.), S. Watauchi, K. Kishio (Univ. Tokyo), N. Kobayashi (Tohoku Univ.)

P3-38: Single Vortex Dynamics in Periodic Pinning Potentials: Y. Mawatari (Electrotech. Lab.)

P3-39: The Vortex Lattice in Thin HTSC Plate with Pinning: L. G. Mamsurova, K. S. Pigalskiy (Russian Acad. Sci.)

P3-40: DC Magnetization of Melt Textured YBCO with Transverse Low Frequency Fields Superposed: A. Mumtaz, S. K. Hasanain (Quaid-i-Azam Univ.)

P3-41: Microwave Response of Vortex Dynamics in Bi2212 Single Crystals: A. Rastogi, Y. S. Sudershan, S. V. Bhat (Ind. Inst. Sci.), A. K. Grover (Tata Inst. of Fund. Res.), Y. Yamaguchi, K. Oka, Y. Nishihara (Electrotech. Lab.)

P3-42: Contactless Study of the Critical Current Anisotropy in High--T_ c Superconductors: L. M. Fisher, A. V. Kalinov, I. F. Voloshin (All-Russ. Elect. Eng. Inst.), V. A. Yampol'skii (Ukrain. Acad. Sci.)

P3-43: Size Effect in Magnetization Irreversibility of Finegrained HTSC: A. S. Krasilnikov, L. G. Mamsurova, N. G. Trusevich (Semenov Inst. Chem. Phys.)

P3-44: The Paraconductivity in Electron Irradiated BiSrCaCuO Single Crystals above T_ c: V. I. Gatalskaya, G. V. Gatalskii, L. A. Kurochkin (Inst. Solid State & Semicond. Phys.)

P3-45: Interaction of Adsorbed Layer of Simple Gases with Superconducting Condition of HTSC Film: L. L. Makarshin (Boreskov Inst.), O. Tuhto (Inst. Thermophys.), V. N. Parmon (Boreskov Inst.)

P3-46: Possibilities of the Existence of the Leading of the Critical Current of the Single Crystal Metaloxides: V. A. Demtchenko (Inst. of Thermoelect.)

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