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Text Formatting

A font with serifs, such as New Century Schoolbook, Times, or LaTeX 's Computer Modern Roman font, should be used throughout. Unless otherwise specified, the font should appear in a plain style, ie not bold or italic.

The document's title should be in 12 point bold text, with a baselineskip (or `leading') of 15 points. The name, address and e-mail address of each author should be in 10 point text with a baselineskip of 13 points; the postal address should be in italics. The Abstract should have an indentation of 0.5 inches (12 mm) on the left and right margins and be in 10 point text with a baselineskip of 13 points. The main text of the article should be typeset in 12 point, preferably with a baselineskip of 15 points. (Single-spaced text, with a leading of 14 points, is also acceptable.) The text area is 6 inches (15.2 cm) across and 8.6 inches (21.8 cm) deep, excluding page numbers. Final pagination will be done by the publisher. (Please manually adjust your page and paragraph breaks to ensure that the page length is consistent and that isolated lines of text do not occur.)