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We would like to invite you to the 8th International Workshop on Critical Currents in Superconductors(IWCC). The purpose of this workshop is to argue problems concerned with the flux pinning characteristics, exotic properties of flux lines and related electromagnetic properties of low Tc and high Tc superconductors. The following subjects will be discussed:

Fundamental flux pinning mechanism and properties

Artificially introduced pinning centers, including irradiation defects

Direct observation of flux dynamics, flux distributions and current distributions

Exotic properties in artificial multilayers

Intergranular critical currents in weakly coupled superconductors

Phase diagrams of flux line systems

Irreversibility line

Flux dynamics and electromagnetic phenomena

The following tentative invited plenary speakers will review the topics in the following fields and address key issues and problems:

C. M. Lieber(Harvard),  Flux line lattice and irradiation defects
A. Tonomura(Hitachi),   Observation of flux lines
M Maley(Los Alamos),    High Jc Y-123 thin films
R. Fluekiger(Geneve),   High Jc Bi-2223 tape wires

Other tentative invited speakers are:

S. Bhattacharaya(Princeton)  G. Blatter(ETH Z\"urich)
G. Brandstaetter(Vienna)     S. X. Dou(Wollongong)
R. A. Doyle(Cambridge)       P. H. Kes(Leiden)
K. Kishio(Tokyo)             T. Kiss(Kyushu)
O. Kohno(Fujikura)           D. C. Larbalestier(Wisconsin)
D. Majer (Weizmann)          A. P. Malozemoff(American SC)
T. Matsushita(Kyushu IT)     M. Murakami(ISTEC)
M. Suenaga(Brookhaven)       S. L. Yan(Nankai)
U. Yaron(Bell Labs)

Contributed papers will be presented in poster sessions. In discussion sessions short oral presentations will be given by authors chosen by the discussion leaders on the results presented in poster sessions.